Qualification Requirements

What’s required to make an application?

Essential requirements for Initial Teacher Training fall into two categories;

  • Academic requirements
  • Non-academic requirements like classroom experience or medical fitness entry requirements


Academic Requirements


You will have to meet the following requirements before being accepted into teacher training:

1 – You will need to have a first degree with honours awarded by a UK higher education provider.  Ideally we are looking for 2.1 equivalent or above.  We don’t rule out lower class degrees if supported by substantial school or work experience. 

2 – You need a minimum of a standard equivalent to grade C or above in the GCSE English and Mathematics for secondary and a grade C or above in Science for primary.  

If you have studied outside of the UK, check National Academic recognition Information Centre (NARIC) website to find out if your qualifications are of an equivalent level to UK GCSEs, A levels and an undergraduate degree.


Further Requirements

  • Professional Skills Tests.  One of the main requirements is that you pass the professional skills test in Literacy and Numeracy.  This applies to both Secondary and Primary Teacher Training.  Read the information thoroughly.  

Professional Skills Test

To be a good teacher you will obviously need to know about the subject you are teaching. If your degree subject doesn’t link closely to your chosen teaching subject you will need to take a SUBJECT KNOWLEDGE ENHANCEMENT (SKE) COURSE before starting teacher training. You can only do these in England, and with certain subjects.

Non-academic requirements

Teaching is a very rewarding career but as with everything not everyone is suited to teaching, such as working with children on a daily basis can be a demanding requirement. So to make sure you are right for teaching and teaching is right for you there are some non-academic requirements in place:

1 – Classroom experience

We expect you to have at least two weeks classroom experience before you begin teacher training.

If you don’t have any classroom experience, try to spend some time observing and helping out with lessons in a local school before you apply.

You can then use this experience in your personal statement, showing what you’ve gained from it and how it’s increased your motivation to be a teacher.

Arranging classroom experience.

2 – Medical Fitness

You will be sent a health questionnaire to find out about your medical fitness.

Some applicants may be asked to have a medical examination.

If you have a disability it’s helpful if you give us full details on your application so that training providers can try to make any adjustments you need.

3 – Declaration of Criminal Convictions

If you have criminal convictions it doesn’t necessarily stop you from becoming a teacher.

You’ll need to disclose any criminal convictions, cautions or bind-overs and agree to an enhanced criminal record check, also discuss your circumstances with us before you apply.

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)

This is the Government scheme that replaces the Criminal Records Bureau.

This enables training providers to identify people who are barred from working with children and vulnerable adults.

DBS Guidance