St. George’s Academy
Aiming high to achive excellence for all.

St George’s Academy is an 11-18, mixed, specialist Maths and Computing Academy of over 1,600 students, serving the town of Sleaford and the surrounding area in Lincolnshire. The Academy occupies a site of 32 acres at our Sleaford Compus with a smaller site at Ruskington with around 350 students: both sites are incredibly well-resourced and offer a fantastic environment in which to train to teach. The Academy is also part of a joint sixth form of around 700 students, offering a wide choice for students in all subjects. The ethos of the Academy is summarised in our “Aiming High” mission statement: we are trying to achieve the best for every individual child.

St George’s Academy Partnership is currently recruiting trainee teachers for September 2017.   This will be our fourth successful year, where trainees will get the opportunity to apply directly to a school to train to teach, with excellent prospects of a job at the end of the training.

This new path into teaching is a great new way to gain the qualifications and practical skills you need to become a teacher. It allows those who have just finished a degree, or have been working in a career for many years to combine teacher training with actually doing and learning on the job.

We are working closely with a group of seven other local schools, to enable us to offer a fantastic training programme for trainee teachers during 2017-2018.  At the end of the programme, you will be accredited with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) from the Partnership, along with a PGCE from the University of Lincoln, with 60 Master’s Level credits.

Partnership Lead
Art2KM7 Site Code S
MathsPosition filled
English2D2Q Site Code S
Chemistry2D2S Site Code S
MFL2D2Y Site Code S
Computing2SW7 Site Code S
Physics2D2T Site Code S
Historyposition filled
Design and Technology2SWB Site Code S
Business Studies32Q2 Site Code S
Biology32PZ Site Code S
Geography2D37 Site Code S
School Direct
Mathsposition filled
English2N76 Site Code S
Business Studies32Q2 Site Code S
MFL2T25 Site Code S
Computing2N75 Site Code S
Physics2N7C Site Code S
Art2N73 Site Code S
Geography2N77 Site Code S
Design and Technology2T24 Site Code S
RE32Q5 Site Code S
Biology32Q6 Site Code S

For a full list of vacancies across the St George's Academy Partnership please go to our vacancies page. On UCAS we have Partnership Lead codes and School Direct codes both training programs are identical. If you are interested in training to teach with the St George’s Academy Partnership (or any other school within our partnership), we would like to hear from you, phone us on 01529 301193 alternatively contact us via email we will be able to provide you with some more information, and answer any questions you may have.