Reynolds Academy

It has been another very successful and exciting year at Reynolds Academy. Alongside the academic achievement and progress, at the heart of our ethos, is a drive and determination to develop wider skills and talents. When you visit our website, you will see the many enrichment opportunities our pupils have enjoyed. It is so important to celebrate our pupils’ successes.

Reynolds Academy is larger than the average primary school and we cater for pupils between the ages of 3 to 11. Pupils are taught in single age groups and from Year 2 to year 6 they are taught in sets for English and Mathematics.

We have a dedicated and highly motivated staff at Reynolds Academy who work extremely hard and have high expectations of our pupils and we cater for all pupils regardless of their needs and abilities, helping the higher-flyers fly higher and giving every support to those struggling.

The school curriculum is constantly developing and evolving in response to educational research and our focus in preparing pupils for the world in which they live. The staff at the school has an excellent understanding of the ways children learn and this informs our individual pupil centred teaching.  We like to combine fun with learning. The staff is continually trying out new ideas, organising exciting trips, inviting visitors into school and involving members of the community to enhance the provision in school. The staff use methodical assessment to plan carefully for each lesson and group, and this information is shared with parents and carers.

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