Lincoln Castle Academy
Prestige and history

Situated in the beautiful uphill area of Lincoln, the Lincoln Castle Academy prestige and history of success speak for itself. Known throughout Lincoln as Yarborough School in 2011 the change was made to Lincoln Castle Academy to build on the success of its history but to also start afresh taking with it the benefits of being one of the leading educators in the area.

Lincoln Castle Academy has grown leaps and bounds within its retaliate lifespan, in its campus Lincoln Castle Academy boasts on the best sporting facilities around and is the envy of most other schools in the area.

Partnership Lead
Maths2D36 Site code C
English2D2Q Site code C
Chemistry2D2S Site code C
Physics2D2T Site code C
PE2D2V Site code C
Geography2D37 Site code C
School Direct
Maths2N79 Site code C
English2N76 Site code C
Chemistry2N74 Site code C
Physics2N7C Site code C
PE2N7B Site code C
Geography2N77 Site code C

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