Carre’s Grammar School
Respect - Resilience - Resourcefulness - Reflection

Steeped in history, Carre’s Grammar School has an extensive body of success in which teachers old and new can draw upon, exemplary teaching combined with keen innovation keeps Carre’s Grammar School attaining and surpassing expectations across the board.


Part of the Carre’s Grammar School vision is a tailored co-educational establishment on a new site with world class facilities where every learner continues to matter. At the heart of the local community, it will encourage diversity, and promote inclusion within a selective setting, adding real value to learners’ educational experiences.


It will continue to work with local schools and partners in education, health, the arts and business, to extend learning opportunities beyond the classroom, promoting collaboration, innovation and lifelong learning. With this in mind Carre’s Grammar School will make your training engaging and enjoyable.

Partnership Lead
Maths2D36 Site Code G
EngishFull for 2018-19
Computing2SW7 Site Code G
Physics2D2T Site Code G
Chemistry2D2S Site Code G
MFLFull for 2018-19
PE2D2V Site Code G
Geography2D37 Site Code G
School Direct
Maths2N79 Site code G
EnglishFull for 2018-19
Computing2N75 Site code G
Physics2N7C Site code G
PE2N7B Site code G
Chemistry2N74 Site code G
MFLFull for 2018-19
Geography2N77 Site code G

For a full list of vacancies across the St George's Academy Partnership please go to our vacancies page. If you are interested in training to teach with the St George’s Academy Partnership (or any other school within our partnership), we would like to hear from you, phone us on 01529 301193 alternatively contact us via email we will be able to provide you with some more information, and answer any questions you may have.