Belton Lane Community Primary School
Inspire Empower Achieve

At Belton Lane Primary School we enjoy ‘Challenging ourselves to improve.’

Working together to improve children’s opportunities, we aim to make learning collaborative, exciting and purposeful.
We immerse children in real life experiences, encourage curiosity and develop practical skills to cultivate, within the children, an excellent capacity to learn.
A well resourced Primary School serving a mix of private housing and a large council estate, Belton Lane Primary has so much to offer. Our extensive school grounds include large playgrounds and both a hall and gym. We have a fantastic new library and want our children to share a passion for reading that will impact on their writing.
The school has many links with the local community and a Children’s Centre on site. A breakfast club, afterschool club and holiday activities are all available to children in our school. We develop good relationships with our most vulnerable families and engage parents in their children’s learning wherever possible. The most important element of our school is our teaching staff – In order to provide our school with excellent teachers in the future we aim to offer

Partnership Lead
Primary Foundation / KS1Apply on UCAS for Sept 2020.
Primary KS2Apply on UCAS for Sept 2020.
School Direct
Early Years / KS1Apply on UCAS for Sept 2020.

For a full list of vacancies across the St George's Academy Partnership please go to our vacancies page. If you are interested in training to teach with the St George’s Academy Partnership (or any other school within our partnership), we would like to hear from you, phone us on 01529 301193 alternatively contact us via email we will be able to provide you with some more information, and answer any questions you may have.