Banovallum School
Excellence through Endevour - Creativity through Collaboration.

Banovallum School is situated in Horncastle, where it is a leading example in education. As a specialist Science school, it is held in the highest regard, with outstanding GCSE results whilst always striving to improve on previous achievements.


We feel that with us you’ll have a great opportunity to train in not only an enriching environment with cutting edge facilities, you’ll receive classroom experiences that can’t be matched. With our training we’re sure you’ll stand out from the crowd, from an academic and professional stand point.


We’ll also enable you to make connections and give you access to the knowledge of talented veteran teachers, who will coach and direct you in the practical world of teaching.

Partnership Lead
Maths2D36 Site code B
EnglishSDSQ Site code B
MFL2D2Y Site code B
Geography2D37 Site code B
Design and Technology2SWB Site code B
REPosition filled
Chemistry2D2S Site code B
History2SWJ Site code B
Business Studies32Q2 Site code B
MFL2D2Y Site code B
Computing2SW7 Site code B
ART2KM7 Site code B
PEPosition filled
School Direct
Maths2N79 Site code B
English2N76 Site code B
Chemistry2N74 Site code B
MFL2T25 Site code B
Computing2N75 Site code B
Geography2N77 Site code B
History2N78 Site code B
Business Studies32Q4 Site code B
Art2N73 Site code B
Physical Educationposition filled
Design & Technology2T24 Site code B
Religious Educationposition filled

For a full list of vacancies across the St George's Academy Partnership please go to our vacancies page. If you are interested in training to teach with the St George’s Academy Partnership (or any other school within our partnership), we would like to hear from you, phone us on 01529 301193 alternatively contact us via email we will be able to provide you with some more information, and answer any questions you may have.