Welcome to St. George’s Academy Partnership

School Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT)


Welcome to St. George’s Academy Partnership

School Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT)


Welcome to St. George’s Academy Partnership

Working together to achieve more.

School Centred Initial Teacher Training

Teacher Training is a great new way to gain the skills you need to become a teacher. This school-led path includes some of the country’s best schools, and you could be specially selected by one of them with a job in mind just for you. Imagine not only learning the theory of teaching but also doing it. The St George’s Academy Partnership offers just that, a way to gain classroom experience and put yourself ahead of the competition!

Here at St George’s Academy Partnership we have a core belief that teaching is one of the best careers a person can choose to do. So if you feel like you have a genuine love for you subject, a passion which flows through you that gives you pleasure we want to give you the tools to share and infect younger minds with your knowledge and passion. School based training will equip you with real life classroom experiences which are priceless moving forward in your career building your confidence whilst also giving you the comfort of the knowledge you have an outstanding support network behind you.

As well as the benefits of training in a real life teaching environment the facilities which are on offer across the partnership truly are second to none. With these benefits comes a whole new world of possibilities, with the tool which the partnership offer they can enhance and compliment the learning environment in which you could be teaching.

Across the six sites that make up the St George’s Academy Partnership there is an unparalleled resource of experienced teaching staff who as well as your mentors will help, encourage and guide you.


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